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Corvus Corax - Bacchus.mp3 17:43:26Corvus CoraxBacchus1999Sampler - Goths Paradise 2Dodgers in Febuary 20:03:31160S44 Livonia - Saltarello 3.mp3 0.902.02.09 13:04:12LivoniaSaltarello 32001Garten Des FrohsinnsDodgers in January 20:00:57128S44 Livonia - Saltarello 2.mp3 1.302.02.09 12:54:20LivoniaSaltarello 22001Garten Des FrohsinnsDodgers in January 20:01:21128S44 Eichenschild - Am Brunnen.mp3 12:06:36EichenschildAm Brunnen2001MondscheinlegendenDodgers in Febuary 20:04:28128S44 Eichenschild - Letzter Gesang.mp3 3.602.02.10 12:08:10EichenschildLetzter Gesang2001MondscheinlegendenDodgers in Febuary 20:03:50128S44 Schattentantz - Ouwe [Ausschnitt].mp 11:55:24SchattentantzOuwe - Ausschnitt2001GalgenfristDodgers in January 20:01:18128S44 Runkel - Matona mia cara.mp3 1.602.02.09 12:08:50RunkelMatona Mia Cara2000StrassenstaubDodgers in January 20:01:45128S44 Villons Erben - Ai Vistle Lo Lop.mp3 1.502.02.09 11:28:34Villons ErbenAi Vistle Lo Lop2001CHILI CON CARMINADodgers in January 20:03:16 64M44 Spilwut - Zeuner-Tanz.mp3 0.802.02.09 11:40:00SpilwutZeuner-Tanz2000Dodgers in January 20:00:57112S44 Hagalaz Runedance - A Tale Of Fate ( 5.302.02.27 18:08:02Hagalaz RunedanceA Tale Of Fate (Foltsvang Awai1999Sampler - Goths Paradise 2Dodgers in Febuary 20350:04:25160S44 Runkel - Waldzauberfee.mp3 3.702.02.09 12:05:56RunkelWaldzauberfee2000StrassenstaubDodgers in January 20:03:51128S44 Filosofia - El Nino Mago.mp3 1.402.02.10 12:00:02FilosofiaEl Nino Mago2000Dodgers in Febuary 20:05:56 32M22 Mediaeval Babes - Erthe Upon Erthe.m 2.702.02.22 18:22:26Mediaeval BabesErthe Upon Erthe1999Sampler - Goths Paradise 2Dodgers in Febuary 20:02:50128S44 Filosofia - Cristall (La Sirena Negr 1.303.01.30 09:01:24FilosofiaCristall (La Sirena Negra)Dodgers in Febuary 20350:05:32 32M22 Livonia -Nooruse Hoiskamine.mp3 1.902.02.10 11:54:36LivoniaNooruse Hoiskamine1998Laula, Laula, SuukeneDodgers in Febuary 20:02:02128S44 Filosofia - El Poema (Greensleeves). 0.902.02.10 12:00:28FilosofiaGreensleeves2000Dodgers in Febuary 2 Spielleut Spellbound - Spielmannstan 11:53:46Spielleut SpellboundSpielmannstanz2001Dodgers in January 20:02:40 64M44 Livonia - Ave Maria.mp3 2.302.02.09 13:03:32LivoniaAve Maria2001Garten Des FrohsinnsDodgers in January 20:02:27128S44 Runkel - Strassenstaub.mp3 3.702.02.09 12:04:56RunkelStrassenstaub1999LongplayDodgers in January 20:03:54128S44 In Extremo - Der Galgen.mp3 17:17:14In ExtremoDer Galgen1999Sampler - Goths Paradise 3Dodgers in Febuary 20:03:33160S44 Villons Erben - Pilgermarsch.mp3 11:25:50Villons ErbenPilgermarsch2001Carmina ProfanaDodgers in January 20:02:41 64M44 Spielleut Spellbound - Eiris sazun. 0.502.02.09 11:56:10Spielleut SpellboundEiris Sazun2001Dodgers in January 20:01:04 64M44 Eichenschild - Hexennacht.mp3 4.602.02.10 12:06:44EichenschildHexennacht2001MondscheinlegendenDodgers in Febuary 20:04:48128S44 Livonia - Oh Jumal Looja.mp3 1.902.02.10 11:56:12LivoniaOh Jumal Looja1998Laula, Laula, SuukeneDodgers in Febuary 20:02:01128S44 Runkel - Runkel.mp3 0.602.02.09 12:08:10RunkelRunkel2000StrassenstaubDodgers in January 20:00:41128S44 Eichenschild - Feuertanz.mp3 12:03:04EichenschildFeuertanz2001MondscheinlegendenDodgers in Febuary 20:03:18128S44 Spielleut Spellbound - 1.502.02.09 11:53:30Spielleut SpellboundTotentanz2001Dodgers in January 20:01:47112S44 Runkel - Lied Vom Goldenen 3.902.02.09 12:05:32RunkelLied Vom Goldenen Teller2000StrassenstaubDodgers in January 20:04:03128S44 Schattentantz - Schattentantz [Aussc 1.402.02.09 11:55:34SchattentantzSchattentantz - Ausschnitt2001GalgenfristDodgers in January 20:01:29128S44 Villons Erben - Esperanza.mp3 0.902.02.09 11:27:36Villons ErbenEsperanza2001CHILI CON CARMINADodgers in January 20:01:58 64M44 Dargaard - Arcanum Mortis.mp3 16:16:22DargaardArcanum Mortis1999Sampler - Goths Paradise 2Dodgers in Febuary 20:03:31160S44 Engelsstaub - Fairieland.mp3 16:49:52EngelsstaubFairieland1999Sampler - Goths Paradise 3Dodgers in Febuary 20:05:24128S44 Spilwut - Engelstampf.mp3 1.902.02.09 11:40:34SpilwutEngelstampf2000Dodgers in January 20:02:20112S44 Die Rattenfänger - Johnny Fever.mp3 12:13:14Die Rattenf NgerJohnny Fever2001Wenn Der Himmel BrenntDodgers in January 20:05:07 56S22 Dulamans Vröudenton - Ductia.mp3 0.502.02.10 12:20:42Dulamans Vr UdentonDuctia2001Sinnliches MittelalterDodgers in Febuary 20:03:01 24M22 Die Rattenfänger - Ein Rattenfänger. 2.302.02.09 12:44:40Die Rattenf NgerEin Rattenf Nger2001Wenn Der Himmel BrenntDodgers in January 20:05:42 56S22 Spîlleute Tippelklimper - Mikes New 2.502.02.09 11:42:28Sp Lleute TippelklimperMikes New Fiddle1999Mikes New FiddleDodgers in January 20:02:39128S44 Spîlleute Tippelklimper - Tourdion.m 2.702.02.09 11:49:50Sp Lleute TippelklimperTourdion2000Dodgers in January 20:02:50128S44 Eichenschild - Der Totenwächter.mp3 3.302.02.10 12:03:56EichenschildDer Totenw Chter2001MondscheinlegendenDodgers in Febuary 20:03:27128S44 A Perfect Circle - Renholder.mp3 2.301.07.22 15:27:58A Perfect CircleRenholder2000Mer De NomsDodgers in July 20340:02:24128S44 A Perfect Circle - Magdalena.mp3 3.901.07.22 15:29:28A Perfect CircleMagdalena2000Mer De NomsDodgers in July 20340:04:06128S44 A Perfect Circle - 3 Libra's.mp3 3.501.07.22 15:31:14A Perfect Circle3 Libra's2000Mer De NomsDodgers in July 20340:03:39128S44 A Perfect Circle - Thomas.mp3 3.301.07.22 15:25:16A Perfect CircleThomas2000Mer De NomsDodgers in July 20340:03:29128S44 A Perfect Circle - Brena.mp3 15:30:32A Perfect CircleBrena2000Mer De NomsDodgers in July 20340:04:24128S44 A Perfect Circle - The Hollow.mp3 2.801.07.22 15:26:08A Perfect CircleThe Hollow2000Mer De NomsDodgers in July 20340:02:58128S44 A Perfect Circle - Rose.mp3 15:27:20A Perfect CircleRose2000Mer De NomsDodgers in July 20340:03:25128S44 A Perfect Circle - Judith.mp3 3.901.07.22 15:30:10A Perfect CircleJudith2000Mer De NomsDodgers in July 20340:04:07128S44 A Perfect Circle - Orestes.mp3 4.601.07.22 15:29:16A Perfect CircleOrestes.mp2000Mer De NomsDodgers in July 20340:04:48128S44 A Perfect Circle - Thinking Of You.m 4.301.07.22 15:26:02A Perfect CircleThinking Of You2000Mer De NomsDodgers in July 20340:04:34128S44 A Perfect Circle - Sleeping Beauty.m 15:26:44A Perfect CircleSleeping Beauty2000Mer De NomsDodgers in July 20340:04:10128S44

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